Monday, August 31, 2015

Anticipating the First Day Back to School

I know that in many places in the U.S., school has already started but today is the day teachers in my former school district in Massachusetts go back to school.  There is one in-service day of meetings and getting classrooms ready—though most teachers have already spent at least a week preparing their classrooms—and catching up with colleagues whom they haven’t seen since June.
How I remember the night before, trying to go to sleep but not being able to because my heart was racing with so many thoughts about the year to come.  And waking up early, tired but excited, eager to get to school.  Then coming home exhausted but still going on adrenaline and having an even harder time getting to sleep that night.

Such an exciting time of the year!  Arriving at school and seeing some students already there, dressed in their new clothes, carrying shiny backpacks, and smiles lighting up their faces as they run around the playground greeting old friends, finding out who else is in their homeroom.  Walking inside with the kids, making sure they find their classrooms, helping new students navigate the hallways.

Going back to school; source: Pixabay
Standing outside the classroom door, grinning as familiar faces walk by and greeting former students as they pass on their way to their first period class.  Waiting for my own students to arrive and welcoming them into what will be one of their homes away from home for the next 180 days.  Getting to know the class, students getting to know me, explaining the rules and answering questions.  Passing out materials and textbooks, doing a quick activity to get students starting to think about the content they'll be learning in the days, weeks, months to come.

And then, just like that, the period is over and it’s time for those students to leave and to welcome in the next class.  And so it begins all over again.

The first day is off to a good start!

Anticipation...  Wishing everyone a fantastic school year!