December 21, 2015

The Future is Nigh!

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and ends,
of looking back and looking forward...
Blog post looking forward to 2016, with freebie | The ESL Connection
Image of Janus on a coin; source: Wikimedia Commons
It’s traditional at the end of a year to reflect back on the previous 365 days and try to objectively analyze how things worked out and then resolve to do some things differently in the year to come.

For me, there were many changes, not least of which was acclimating to my new home in Arizona.  But since I am no longer a classroom teacher, I would rather just look ahead and ponder all the wonderful ideas and plans and activities I hope to accomplish in 2016.  Not least of which is continuing to write about working effectively with English Language Learners and creating many more resources for educators to use with ELLs!

For inspiration, I created this mini-poster and am happy to share it with my blog readers.  You can download a copy for yourself HERE.  (It's a large file; please be patient.)  I took the photo on New Year’s Day 2015 near my home.  Yes, it snowed in Tucson!  The quote by Thoreau is, I think, appropriate for the season.  And what I really like about the whole image is that it combines, figuratively speaking, my previous life in Massachusetts with my current life in Arizona.
Looking forward freebie mini-poster | The ESL Connection
Download your own copy HERE
I wish you all a Wonderful Winter or Summer Solstice, depending on which hemisphere you live in; a Very Merry Christmas if you celebrate the holiday; and a Joyous & Happy New Year!