Monday, September 19, 2016

8 Benefits to Using Digital Resources

Do you teach in a 1:1 classroom?  Do you use Google Drive or Microsoft One products with your students?  Have you ever just wanted to try a digital resource to see if your students like learning that way or if it increases their engagement with your curriculum? 

Or are you just not sure about why you should use digital resources?  In addition to Loretta Lynch’s reasons, there are many more advantages for using these types of digital products:

Benefits To Using Digital Resources:

They help develop students' 21st century technology skills
They increase students' motivation because most are digital natives and enjoy using technology.
They prevent students from losing their work because it's automatically saved and they can't accidentally forget it at home.

♥ They help students keep up with their class when they are absent because they can access materials wherever they are if they have an internet connection
They help students prepare for online standardized tests by practicing reading and typing online.

♥ They save time because teachers don't have to print out and photocopy materials for students
They enable teachers to access materials wherever they have an internet connection and across digital platforms
They help preserve the environment by going paperless.

Some TeachersPayTeachers sellers have made it super easy for you to find these kinds of products.  Just for today, September 19, 2016, you can type in the hashtag #TpTDigital in TpT’s search bar and see a multitude of resources available.  The products aren’t on sale; the hashtag is a promotion until Midnight Eastern time, September 19th, to help you find some resources you may not otherwise know about.
Find digital products like this photo-based Africa writing prompts resource with the hashtag #TpTDigital on 9/19/16
Use the hashtag #TpTDigital to find digital resources today!
I only have a few Google Drive products but will be adding more as time allows.  This resource is the digital version of another product in my store.  It's a writing resource that can be used in Language Arts as well as Social Studies classes that teaches students about aspects of West African culture.
Find digital products like this photo-based Africa writing prompts resource with the hashtag #TpTDigital on 9/19/16
Click HERE to learn more about this digital product; source: The ESL Nexus
If there is a particular product that you would like to see converted into a Google Drive resource, please let me know in the Comments section below and I’ll make that a priority.