Monday, January 23, 2017

Who Couldn't Use a Little More Kindness and Democracy?

I hope you have found some great resources this past weekend onTeachersPayTeachers using the #KindnessNation and #WeHoldTheseTruths hashtags.  In my opinion, there’s no such thing as being too empathetic or knowing too much about how the U.S government works!  So in that spirit, I’d like to showcase a few of the resources that I especially like and think are great for ELLs.
15 Forever Free resources about kindness, character, civics, appreciating cultural differences, and real vs fake information online that are especially appropriate for ELLs | The ESL Connection
Resources curated by The ESL Nexus
The resources listed below are in random order, although those that deal with kindness and character are listed first and those that deal with democracy and truth and cultural differences are listed after that.  Just click on the images of the resources to find out more about them.

1) Wonder Choose Kind Sampler
by The Teaching Bank
This modern classic is perfect for teaching about kindness!
The sampler includes writing tasks about what it means to be a friend
as well as about one of the precepts in the novel.

2)  Dis-ABILITY Posters 
from School Bells ‘N Whistles
This resource includes 14 posters ideal for helping younger students
develop empathy for their differently-abled classmates.

3) Types of Sentences 
by Tori Gorosave – A Middle School English Teacher’s Journey
I wish I had thought of this idea!  Using quotations by famous people
about kindness, these task cards ask students to identify their
sentence type and certain grammar structures.

4) Affirmation Posters – Classroom Community 
by Kirsten’s Kaboodle
These colorful posters let students of all ages know that they are
welcomed, respected, and cared for in their classroom.

5) It’s Cool to be Kind 
from Ideas by Jivey
This resource contains short writing tasks and checklists about
how to be kind, along with a poster designed to get younger students
thinking about what kindness means.

6) Kindness Draw and Write 
by Renee Goularte – Share2Learn
This great resource asks students to draw then write about
kindness, which of course is a great scaffold for all students but
particularly for ELLs at lower language proficiency levels.

7) No Prep Bilingual Cooperation Puzzles 
from Sarah Wu - Speech Is Beautiful
Using visuals to help children understand 6 phrases about
being kind to others, this resource in English and Spanish is sure
to aid their comprehension.

8) Red Book Companion Using Crayons to Teach Acceptance
by The Class Couple
I’d never heard of the book Red by Michael Hall before,
but here’s a great resource that shows students that what they see
on the outside may be different from what they get on the inside.

9) Posters of the American Dream 
by Two Boys and a Dad Productions
These gorgeous posters illustrate 5 important concepts about
what it means to be an American by using quotations by famous people. 

10) Cesar Chavez: A Partner Play 
written by Chrissy Beltran
This play for 2 people introduces students to the life
and work of this seminal labor leader in a fun way that
middle schoolers are sure to enjoy.

11) Our Neighbors 
by Karen Jones
This book is for younger students and describes all kinds of people
who are neighbors.  It’s perfect for ELLs because it shows
people in many different contexts who all get along with each other.

12) American Flag Classroom Patriotic Collaboration Poster 
from by Art with Jenny K.
With this cooperative activity, students of all ages create
and color a large-scale American flag.

13) How to Spot Bad Science Online and on Social Media 
by UtahRoots
This amazing resource will help your students distinguish
between real and fake content on websites.  The information
here is relevant to other subjects besides science, too.

14) Citizen Duties and Responsibilities Flipbook 
from Dirt Road Teacher
Going from global to local, students learn about their
civic rights and responsibilities.  It’s a great resource for ELLs
who are new to the U.S. and may not be familiar with
what the duties of a citizen are.

15) Community Building Lyric Video 
written and performed by I Am Bullyproof and friends
This is a beautiful and heart-warming music video
about love and heart that is sure to create a
positive atmosphere in your classroom.

These are just a few of the awesome Forever Free products you can find on TpT using the hashtags #WeHoldTheseTruths and #KindnessNation.  If you have found other resources with these hashtags that are especially appropriate for ELLs, please share them in the Comments below!