Monday, March 26, 2018

How to Start Using VR and AR in Your Classroom

So many great ideas and resources for using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were discussed during Sunday’s #ELLEdTech Twitter chat that I decided to collate them into this blog post.  I’ve divided them into the following categories: Articles about Using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Teaching Ideas, and Tools that were mentioned in the chat.  I hope this helps you get started with using this amazing technology! 

Virtual Reality for Education

Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day: A Beginning List Of The Best Resources On Virtual Reality In Education

The 10 Best VR Apps for Classrooms Using Merge VR’s New Merge Cube

Shelly Sanchez provided a link to a great chart about using Augmented Reality

How to Start Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Your Classroom: Articles, Teaching Ideas & Tools | The ESL Nexus
Resources for using VR & AR with ELLs; source: The ESL Nexus
Laurah (The ESOL Odyssey) has used Augmented Reality “to create self-checking task cards, book reviews (Ss scan the book cover and get another student's video review), to add images or video clips to words/definitions, to create interactive word many uses!”

Shelly Sanchez uses Gabsee to have students “create their own 3D avatar then create AR videos of them exploring places.”

Michelle Makus Shory says, “I love to take a ‘trip’ to the setting of the novel/article we are reading. Instant relevance!”

Cheri Mann does something similar: “With VR stations students also took us to visit their homes in their native countries.”

Niko Lewman said, “Our Minecrafting students love to dig on MergeCube.”

Ms. Lacure said, “I’ve used Tellegami to get kids speaking. They can choose their own Avatar and background and it’s like an animated speaker. I haven’t used it in a few years, but my kids loved it last time we did.”

Finally, Laurah (The ESOL Odyssey) has a Smartphone and iPhone Donation Drive Flyer that you can send home with students to ask families to donate phones so you can use VR and AR in your classes.  You can find it HERE.

HP Reveal, formerly known as Aurasma

Merge Cube

Nearpod VR

Google Expeditions



To read about the benefits of using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with ELLs as well as chat participants’ advice about getting started with using it, click HERE to read the complete #ELLEdTech discussion.