Monday, September 10, 2018

How to Collaborate and Communicate: 2 Skills for Students

Now that the school year is in full swing, in the U.S. anyway, it's time to talk about collaboration!  Being able to collaborate effectively and in appropriate ways with others, whether it be administrators, teaching colleagues, students, or families of students, will help ensure the success of English Language Learners in school.  And in order to collaborate effectively, it's essential to be able to communicate well.

So please join my co-host Laurah, from Tools for Teachers by Laurah J, and me in the next #ELLEdTech chat to discuss Tech Tools for Collaboration and Communication.  These are the two remaining skills that are part of the 4C Framework.  To read more about Collaboration, please click HERE and for more info about Communication, click HERE.  The chat is on Sunday, September 16th and will start at 4:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Eastern, and 11:00pm UTC time on the third Sunday of each month.

Come join the next #ELLEdTech Twitter chat on September 16th to discuss the 4C topics of Collaboration & Communication.| The ESL Nexus
Join us -- All educators are welcome!  Source: The ESL Nexus
Schedule and Questions
7:00 = Introduction:  Tell us your name, location, level/grade and subject taught. #ELLEdTech
7:05 = Q1:  Which tech tools do you use to help your students engage in collaboration and communication?  #ELLEdTech
7:13 = Q2:  How does providing opportunities to communicate and collaborate with peers support ELLs in language growth?  #ELLEdTech
7:21 =  Q3:  What are the advantages & benefits of using your favorite collaboration and communication tools?  #ELLEdTech
7:29 = Q4:  Are there any cons or drawbacks teachers or students might have when using these tools?  #ELLEdTech
7:37 = Q5: What advice do you have for teachers who want to use technology to support collaboration and communication with ELLs?  #ELLEdTech

Directions for Joining the Chat
1. Log into Twitter on Sunday; the chat runs from 7:00 - 7:45pm Eastern.
2. Search for tweets with the hashtag #ELLEdTech in the search bar.  Make sure to click “All tweets.”
3. The first five minutes will be spent introducing ourselves.
4. Starting at 7:05, @ESOL_Odyssey or @The_ESL_Nexus will post questions every 8 minutes using Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. to identify the questions and the hashtag #ELLEdTech.
5.  Answer the questions by prefacing them with A1, A2, A3, etc. and use the hashtag #ELLEdTech.
6.  Follow any teachers who respond and are also using #ELLEdTech.
7.  Like (click the heart icon) and post responses to other teachers' tweets.

You can schedule your answers to the questions in advance by using an online scheduler such as TweetDeck or HootSuite (and remember to use A1, A2, etc. and #ELLEdTech).  Links are encouraged, but use tinyurl, bitly, or to shorten your link so it can be included in your tweet.  Just click one of those links, paste the longer link in the app's box to shorten it for Twitter, then paste the shortened link into your tweet. If you have relevant images, we encourage you to post them, too.

Is this your first Twitter chat? Here are our rules:
1. Please stay on topic.
2. Please do not post about paid products unless explicitly asked.
3. If you arrive after the chat has started, please try to read the previous tweets before joining in.
4. Feel free to just read, like, and/or retweet if you prefer -- we know the first time can be a little overwhelming!
5. Always use the hashtag #ELLEdTech when tweeting.
6. Make sure your twitter feed is set to "public." (And do remember that Twitter is completely public; that means anyone--students, parents, administrators--may see what you tweet.)

You are welcome to let your teacher friends who might be interested in joining us know about this Twitter chat. We look forward to chatting with you on Sunday!