Monday, October 7, 2019

22 Helpful Anti-Racism Blog Posts for Educators

The #itstimetotalkracism campaign is a 22-day effort by teachers to help other educators and their students discuss racism, bias, and related issues.  Please click HERE to read how and why it got started.  I was honored to be invited to participate and hope you will share these blog posts and resources widely with your colleagues.

Join the #itstimetotalkracism campaign: 22 days of blog posts with resources & info for educators | The ESL Nexus
Read how and why this campaign was started HERE; source: Buzzing with Mrs. B.
Today’s blog post, the 4th in the series, is by Ha Dinh and her post is titled Acknowledging and Celebrating Where We Are From.  She writes about an experience her son had in school when he was asked where he came from.  It’s a common experience for a lot of students, including English Language Learners, and Ha explains how she handled the situation.  In addition, she recommends a book dealing with this topic which you can read with your students.  Ha also offers a free resource in her post that your students can fill out -- what’s really great about it is that it includes a positive affirmation about their origins.

Join the #itstimetotalkracism campaign: 22 days of blog posts with resources & info for educators | The ESL Nexus
Download your free copy HERE; source: Happy Days in First Grade
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My own #itstimetotalkracism post will be published on Monday, October 21st.  To read all 22 blog posts in this campaign, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter -- I’ll be publishing links to each day’s post on those platforms.