Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Download a Free Halloween Trivia Activity for You and Your Students!

I was at a Halloween party this afternoon and we did a trivia game about the holiday.  I decided to adapt it into a fun Halloween activity you can do with your students.

This free resource includes 15 questions about Halloween in 2 versions.  The first version includes all the questions on 1 page.  You can use this version if you're displaying it on an interactive whiteboard or giving copies to small groups of students.  The second version has the questions on 3 pages, with space to write the answers.  You can use this version if you want your students to answer the questions on their own.  A 2-page student answer sheet is included.  The answer key not only provides answers to the questions but also, in some cases, a little more information about the topic in the question.  All the info in the answers was found in various websites and was double-checked to ensure it was correct.

Picture of candy corn with a pumpkin on a black background, with the words Halloween Trivia at the top and the words 15 Questions and Answers at the bottom

To get your free copy of this resource, please click HERE.  You'll be taken to a page where you can download a copy for yourself.

How To Do This Halloween Activity

* As a bell ringer: In the days leading up to Halloween, ask a few questions at the beginning of your class as students enter and get settled.
* As a filler: If you have extra time at the end of a period, you can ask these questions.
* As a whole class activity: Display the questions on an interactive whiteboard or read them out loud and tell students to write down their answers.  You can give them the student answer sheet to record their responses or they can write or type their answers on paper or a device.
* In small groups: Each member of the group can take turns reading a question and everyone in the group can answer it on their individual student answer sheets.  Then they can discuss their answers and try to reach a consensus on the correct response.  Alternatively, after a question is read out loud, they can start discussing the answer right away and then record their answer on the student answer sheet.  When all the small groups have answered all the questions, you can ask each group to share their answers with the whole class to find out which responses are correct.  Another way to do this in small groups is to have the groups write their answers on large flipchart paper or butcher paper, then post the sheets around the room and tell students to walk around and read what all the other groups wrote.  Then come back as a whole class to discuss the answers.
* In pairs: Students can alternate reading the questions and giving answers (or guesses).  Then they can use the answer key to check their work or you can have everyone regroup as a whole class and go over the answers together.
* Individually: Give each student a copy of the student answer sheet.  Either also make copies of the questions and distribute the questions to everyone, or display them so everyone can see them.  Give everyone time to finish answering the questions, then go over them together as a whole class.
* As a contest: Divide your class into 3 teams.  Rotate and ask each team a question.  Give them a minute or so to discuss the answer and then ask a team member for their final answer.  After each team gets 5 questions and all the questions have been asked and answered, see which team has answered the most correctly.  You can give a prize if you wish but perhaps candy isn’t the best thing!

Other Fun Halloween Activities

These TpT resources also teach your students Halloween vocabulary words and customs and traditions about the holiday.  Just click on the text links for more info about each resource:

Image of 4 covers of TpT Halloween resources by The ESL Nexus

* Halloween Word Search and Crossword Puzzles (3 differentiated word searches and 1 crossword puzzle with word bank, all using 20 Halloween-related words, in print and digital versions)

* Halloween Bundle with Task Cards and Puzzles (print and digital task cards, differentiated for English Learners at different proficiency levels, plus the puzzles resource)

* Halloween Vocabulary: Match Definitions with Words -- Boom Cards (using the same 20 vocab words as the puzzles resource, students match words with definitions; audio component included)

* Halloween Vocabulary Answer the Questions -- Boom Cards (similar to the task cards resources, students answer questions about Halloween vocabulary words; 3 levels of difficulty and audio component included)
These activities will surely get your students into the Halloween spirit!  

Happy Halloween!