Monday, May 1, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Day and Week Deals for Teachers: Resource Round Up

Here is my annual blog post with discounts for Teacher Appreciation Week!  Like last year, instead of highlighting specific offers for teachers in various categories such as restaurants, stores, and museums, it's a round up of websites that have collated deals from all over.

Overhead image showing yellow notepad announcing Special Deals, coffee in cup, and tablet saying dates of 2023 Teacher Appreciation Week. Background is white wood with a few color paper clips scattered on it.
Source: The ESL Nexus

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week goes from May 8th through May 12th but Teacher Appreciation Day is on May 2nd.  Not all sites have announced their special deals for teachers yet.  However, I want to publish my blog post before May 2nd, so you can grab whatever offers are available for that day.  This will also give you more time to read through and see which offers you’d like to take advantage of for the following week.   
So I’m sharing these meta lists with you, which have been updated for Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week for 2023.  These lists also include year-round offers so hopefully you will find them useful longer than for just the week designated for teachers.  (Because, of course, teachers should be celebrated all year long, not just 1 week!) Unfortunately, though, it also means that you'll have to click on the links that appeal to you to see which offers are valid when, although in some cases that is noted in their blurbs.  I know your time is limited so sorry about that.

Websites Listing 2023 Teacher Appreciation Week Deals

* From dontpayfull: Teacher Discounts 2023: The Complete List of Offers for Educators

* From We Are Teachers: The Best Teacher Appreciation Giveaways and Deals for 2023

* From dealhack: Teacher Discounts Guide: The Ultimate List of Stores

* From The Takeout: Where to Get Free Food on Teacher Appreciation Day

* And from PTOToday: Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 Resources
The first 3 websites overlap each other and include many of the same resources.  The 4th site shares deals from restaurants that are giving away free food on Teacher Appreciation Day, May 2nd.  The last website is more about the ways families, friends, and colleagues can honor the teachers in their lives.  

I haven’t verified all the links so it’s possible that some of them won’t lead to special offers in your own geographical area.  And, sorry international educators, but I'm pretty sure these discounts are only applicable in the US.

I hope you find at least 1 thing on 1 of these sites that will make your week a little nicer.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!